Family mediation / FDR

Need a safe, structured, solution-focussed process to discuss difficult issues?


Mediation helps you make informed and positive choices about your future.


It supports your family members listen to each other, clarify options and jointly and respectfully make decisions.


You are the experts in your lives. You get to develop and choose the outcomes that might meet all your needs.


Mediation is a solution-focussed proces that is safe, supportive, fair, tailor-made, confidential and affordable.


If you are considering separation but are not sure, Couple Mediation can help you explore different options and their implications.


Family mediation can help you find constructive soulutions after separation. In Australia this is called family dispute resolution (FDR).


Family Mediation also helps partners, parents, siblings, parents and children and family businesses explore tricky issues and find win/win solutions. About elderly parents, wills, business succession, surrogacy arrangements. Any matter important to your family.


Family mediation helps you


  • communicate calmly
  • express your needs and goals
  • develop constructive solutions
  • make appropriate choices
  • build a child-focused co-parenting partnership
  • develop a parenting plan
  • stay out of court
  • preserve important long term relationships

Mediation Process


My family mediation process for separated couples usually looks like this. My process has an important second step where I help you prepare for the mediation, reality test your options and help you consider what the other person might be wanting or your children needing. In my experience this makes a successful mediation much more likely.


Other family mediations are similar. We may also need a second pre-mediation session if the issues you wish to explore are complex. We adapt the process to suit your needs.


I’d love to help your family. Let’s talk about how.