Family mediation / FDR

Need a safe, structured, solution-focussed process to discuss difficult issues?


Family Mediation helps families find constructive solutions.


ALL FAMILIES: partners, parents, siblings, parents and children, extended and blended families and family businesses.


ALL ISSUES: whether to separate, caring for children after separation, how to divide our assets if we separate, elderly parent care, wills, business succession, surrogacy arrangements.


In family mediation I help you:


  • communicate calmly
  • express your needs and goals
  • discuss constructive options
  • make appropriate choices
  • build a child-focused co-parenting partnership
  • develop a parenting plan
  • stay out of court
  • preserve important long term relationships


Mediation is a solution-focussed process. It is safe, supportive, fair, tailor-made, confidential and affordable.

Mediation Process


My family mediations usually look like this:

In pre-mediation I gather information, consider if mediation is right for your family and help you prepare for the mediation.


In mediation you discuss your needs, explore options and find solutions.


You are the experts in your lives. You get to choose the outcomes that might meet all your needs.


Every family mediation is different and adapted to suit your needs. Your children’s voices may be included in the mediation, or your lawyers directly participate.


Before we begin it is important that you each to want to mediate, and helps if you have obtained legal advice.


I’d love to help your family. Let’s talk about how.