Need understanding, clarity and control over your life?


Coaching helps you listen to your feelings, understand what you need, consider options, make constructive choices and be kind to yourself.


Coaching can help you to participate effectively in other dispute resolution processes like family mediation, collaborative practice or court.


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What happens in coaching?


In coaching I meet with you face to face, online or on the phone to support you to:


  • listen to your feelings
  • express your needs
  • be kind to yourself
  • think clearly and positively about the future
  • decide if you wish to separate
  • develop strategies separate compassionately
  • consider your options and choose mindfully
  • explore ways to communicate calmly with your ex-partner
  • understand how to support your children during separation
  • establish a respectful post-separation relationship with your ex-partner
  • build a positive co-parenting partnership with your ex-partner
  • identity strategies to resolve difficulties constructively
  • navigate the family law system and stay out of court
  • rebuild your life confidently and thrive after separation.


The topics below are a guide for what you might discuss in coaching, and we can tailor the coaching meeting to meet your particular needs.


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