Collaborative Practice

Need support from a team of professionals after separation?


In Collaborative Practice a team of professionals, including your lawyers and a coach, support you and your ex-partner to jointly and respectfully make your own choices about how to share your children’s care and your property, plan for the future and avoid court.


It is appropriate when the issues in your separation are complex or whenever you or your ex-partner or children would benefit from the support of a team of professionals, and when you want to look back and say ‘we separated the best way we could’.


Colaborative Practice has a high rate of satisfactorily resolving matters in the interests of all involved.


Collaborative Practice can help you to:


  • plan for your futures
  • focus on family and personal well-being
  • jointly and respectfully make choices about how to share your property and children’s care that are consistent with your values and goals
  • agree to stay out of court and to negotiate respectfully
  • control the process and choose the outcomes.


What do Collaborative Professionals do?


I am a Collaborative Practice Coach. The Coach is an impartial facilitator and steward of the process, assisting you both and your lawyers and to efficiently use the process and optimise your contributions to it.


I can refer you to collaboratively trained lawyers, Sydney wide or on the Northern Beaches should you choose this process.


This is an interdisciplinary process where you will sometimes benefit from the expertise of other collaboratively trained professionals like accountants, financial advisers or child consultants, if you choose.


The Collaborative Process


The collaborative practice process usually looks like this. There are generally three five-way meetings, but there may be more. You will often meet with your lawyers before and after these meetings, and sometimes with other professionals.


The length of time of a collaborative practice process depends on the number and complexity of the decisions you need to make, and your readiness to make choices.


Please call to discuss if Collaborative Practice is a good fit for you.