The Neurobiology of ‘We’

The Neurobiology of ‘We’

Thought I’d share my excitement about Dr Daniel Siegal’s audio book “The Neurobiology of ‘We’ How Relationships, the Mind, and the Brain Interact to Shape Who We Are“, originally broadcast on Sounds True in 2011.

Thought provoking, inspiring & sometimes funny, Siegal explains simply how our experiences and relationships shape our brain, and who we become, and how we can change if we want to. Explores attachment, trauma, memory and much more from the avaliable evidence and helped me link many bits of my prior understanding together.

I love the way he uses acronyms to help clarify his arguments. He concludes in one place that when integrated, our mental health should reflect COHERENCE: connected, open, harmonious, engaged, receptive, emergent, noetic (a deep sense of authentic knowing), compassionate and empathic. And explains how we can achieve this, as individuals or with clients.

Essential listening for anyone in the ‘helping’ professions, or indeed, in relationship. A bit of a slow burn, but big payoffs is you stay tuned :))

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